How to Write a Well-Structured Political Essay

Political Essay

There is no way that people can disassociate themselves from the politics of the time. Many find solace in identifying with being apolitical. But ask yourselves- is there any such thing as apolitical? Personal is political, or so was the rallying cry of the student movement of second-wave feminism. And the relevance of it to this day is too glaring to ignore. An individual being able to enjoy the privilege that he/she had been born into is due to the very political choice of avoiding politics. Hence, there is nothing such as apolitical, if one were to get into the connotative meaning of the term. Now, speaking of politics and why it is necessary to be involved in it, there is something of vital importance that we aim to discuss in this article. One of the best ways to raise your voice, dissent or conform to the political clime of the time is by writing essays. Words are powerful, and their power must not be underplayed. Therefore, for anyone who is looking to engage in political activism, or students who are into the study of Political Science, this article might be crucial. We shall look into some key points that shall help you come with a well-structured political essay.



Nothing begins without a good amount of research. And when it is a political essay you are writing, you must invest a whole lot of time in reading up, absorbing and keeping up with the news. Allocate some time exclusively for extensive research and make notes of whatever crosses your mind, and everything of importance that you think you can later use in your articles.

Develop Your Argument Based on Facts:

Political essays, like Science, require the backing of solid facts. You cannot just float an idea without concrete data and figures. Even if you are making a hypothesis, there needs to be some evidence that backs your hypothesis. Once you have laid down the data clearly, nourish the essay with your personal opinions, thoughts and ideas. And make sure that your essay follows a cohesive and coherent structure.

Apply Theories:

Political essays must always be based upon theories propounded by experts in the area. However, that does not mean that you have to agree to the theories and the statements. Refute them if you want with reference to the topic you are discussing, but state the cause of your refusal to accept the theory. You do not have to conform to the theories; dissent makes for an important part of political essays.

Apply Theories

Cite Your Sources, Define Your Terms and Provide References for Additional Reading:

This point is self-explanatory. It is crucial that you cite your sources, define all the terms and jargons that you have used in the essay and provide resources for additional reading. This way, your readers will know what they must read next, and can even vouch for the authenticity and credibility of your work. This step is extremely important, and you must pay attention to the same.


We shall conclude the article by talking about how you must conclude your essay. Your conclusion must always be able to open up a dialogue. You must be welcome to changes, consenting and dissenting ideas and your essay must reflect that. Therefore, make sure that you have that part in your conclusion.

How to Write a Well-Structured Political Essay

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