Author: Whitney A Nedd

Understanding the Different Types of Screw Guns

The benefits of using a screw gun tend to go all around the corner and helps you out in numerous ways. Thanks to that, people want to explore the product and move ahead to understand all that it has to offer. But that exploration is not complete without acknowledging the different types of screw guns. […]

How to Write a Well-Structured Political Essay

There is no way that people can disassociate themselves from the politics of the time. Many find solace in identifying with being apolitical. But ask yourselves- is there any such thing as apolitical? Personal is political, or so was the rallying cry of the student movement of second-wave feminism. And the relevance of it to […]

How to Write Fiction that Shall Pique the Interest of Your Readers

If you ever dreamt of becoming a writer and getting your work recognized, you are not alone. Writers are a blessing to this world. Without them, life would be dull and monotonous. And speaking of writers, there is a problem that most budding writers face. They are full of talent, yet lack the right mantle […]

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