Why Contemporary Arts Is A Trend In Australia

Contemporary art is a very popular trend in Australia especially for these emerging Aussie artists. There is a huge demand for contemporary art, and all the top galleries have an exhibition going on throughout the year.

Here are reasons why contemporary arts is a trend in Australia.

1. The contemporary education system in Australia

Australia’s schools are split into different types according to academic ability. The distinction between them is based on student intake and performance expectations. One of these types is a special school that caters to students with special needs or disabilities, including cognitive disabilities or physical disabilities. These pupils may have learning difficulties and find it hard to keep up with others in regular classes. They would need modified materials presented at an easier level than the core curriculum.

2. School Curriculum

The current school curriculum taught in Australian primary and secondary educational institutions was drafted by ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority), which generally alters every seven years. Currently teaching 5-19-year-olds in most areas of learning, this organization has an advisory role and plays a significant role in the development of curriculum, assessment, and reporting.

3. Contemporary Arts as part of the school curriculum

Contemporary arts is one of those subjects which became compulsory for primary and secondary Australian students to learn as part of the school’s regular syllabus. It includes dancing, playing instruments, or even creating artwork such as painting or sculpting. The idea behind incorporating these arts into the school system was to promote creativity among Australians at a young age. It also encourages students’ involvement with music and dance without taking too much time away from other more academic-oriented courses like mathematics and foreign languages.

4. Some Teachers fear that this change will take away valuable learning time from other more important subjects

Some teachers are concerned that the shift towards contemporary arts as part of the school curriculum will take too much time away from other, more academic courses. They argue that there should only be one subject focusing on mathematics and sciences; they claim that this new development is unnecessary. Many students agree with their teachers and believe that they would rather focus on mathematics and foreign languages instead.

5. It does not matter what we think

Despite student opinions, it does not seem like the current education policymakers in Australia agree. There has been no indication of changing back to another curriculum; instead, authorities such as ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) have redoubled their efforts to include more contemporary arts in the current curriculum. There are even talks of an extension on the number of hours allocated for teaching contemporary arts, which may mean that it will be a compulsory subject taught until years 11 and 12 (12th grade).

6. Arguments

Those who support this change believe that by incorporating contemporary arts into the curriculum, Australian students can express their creativity and individuality through these methods; this helps them build self-esteem and develop personal character traits such as emotional intelligence. This is important because these days, life is not always about how high your marks were at school nor what you studied at university. Instead, we need to learn how to be emotionally intelligent and creative.

In conclusion, the value of contemporary arts as part of a well-rounded education system is valuable for Australia, especially considering today’s world’s socio-economic and political climate. Artistic expression can help students build emotional intelligence, improving their soft skills and making them empathetic to those around them. Here’s a page also explaining why this is incorporated to students. It would be beneficial to continue teaching this subject as part of the school curriculum for these reasons.

Why Contemporary Arts Is A Trend In Australia
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